What’s The Difference?

The key in marketing your home successfully is to increase the overall exposure.  

The formula is simple… 

More exposure = more potential buyers = more $$$$.

Selling your home is one of the most serious transactions of a lifetime. Do you think your home deserves a well-defined sales strategy? Given the unique demands of today's real estate market, selling your home requires a real estate agent with a proven track record of expertise and results with a customized Marketing Plan specific to your property.

Let’s face it. Today’s world has become pretty impersonal—automated tellers, voice mail systems, warehouse stores. Convenient, yes, but sometimes don’t you wish you could talk to a real person who cared? Now consider something very personal—your home. Jeff Laprade knows that when it comes to buying or selling one, no two person’s needs or goals are exactly the same. That’s why he never tries to fit you into a mold or use a cookie-cutter approach when what you need is a personalized plan. He believes that each home, like each person, has its own unique mark.

Jeff Laprade will show you that anyone can list a home on the MLS. Just being online does not guarantee your sal
e. The success of your sale is how you are positioned online. Your property’s online presentation is one of the most important components in selling your home. Positioning is truly key to making it attractive online.  

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