2016 proved to be another positive year, with a number of fundamentals propping up residential real estate.  Yet, nowhere was strength more apparent than in Canada's upper-end housing segment.  So much so, in fact, that 2016 could easily be dubbed, 'the year of the luxury home. 

Several factors served to create  the perfect storm, drawing purchasers at the top end of the spectrum—from rising Canadian and global wealth, solid equity gains and improving economic conditions to the stellar performance of US financial markets and the continuation of historically low interest rates.  Add to that the tangibility and low-risk profile of bricks and mortar, and it's clear why luxury homes have become the darling asset class of both local and international movers and shakers alike.

That's not something to take lightly.  After all, rarely do the business elite make decisions without concrete research, and that's where Canada's luxury home segment really earns favour:

Since 2009, luxury home sales in half of the country's major markets have more than doubled or tripled—and in one instance quadrupled.  Many of Canada's other major centres posted solid double-digit growth over the five-year period.  Impressive?  Yes!  But even more so, when you consider that the meteoric rise took place in a post-recession climate. 

Is the momentum set to continue?  With the same sound underpinnings in place, 2017 is well positioned to match and possibly eclipse 2016's record performance.

An array of fine homes and luxury properties await you.

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